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CARE Hawaii's Owner, Dr. Tina McLaughlin,, brings extensive experience in the delivery of mental health services. Dr. McLaughlin developed and managed Castle Medical Center's psychiatric and addictions inpatient and outpatient programs and managed the Bobby Benson Residential Treatment Program. Dr. McLaughlin has extensive experience in developing and in attaining accreditation for inpatient, residential and outpatient treatment facilities and managing these programs. Reporting to Dr. McLaughlin are the CEO, Medical Director, Program Directors for Case Management and Outpatient Therapeutic Services, Crisis Services, Residential and Nursing Services, Children’s and Developmental Disabilities Services, and Addiction Services, and the Quality Assurance Manager.



CARE Hawaii's President is Brian Morton, provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure the company’s current and future success. I am responsible for successfully managing and improving the strategic, financial, operational, and clinical performance of CARE Hawaii. I work to build solid effective relationships with various stakeholders.



CARE’s CEO is Maria Kinsler. Ms. Kinsler has been with CARE since it opened, and is well versed in every aspect of CARE’s operations. She oversees all administrative services and insures that CARE’s services and oprations are compliant with all contracts, government regulations, and ethical standards.


The Medical Director Dr. Joseph Giannasio, provides psychiatric direction to CARE and gives input to the organization regarding the structure of service delivery and the soundness of clinical practice. He, along with other psychiatrists and APRNrx’s, provide supervision of programs and direct care for person’s in CARE’s services. All Psychiatrists must be licensed to practice medicine in Hawaii, have completed five (5) years of post graduate medical training three (3) of which must be in psychiatry, have graduated from an approved residency and certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


CARE's Director of Nursing is Louisa Butler. BSN, RN. Her responsibilities include providing leadership in the implementation of clinical and operational aspects of client care, ensuring an ongoing strategic plan that integrates staff and physician efforts in achieving cost-effective, outcome oriented, quality care. Ms. Butler supervises the Adult Residential Services, and the Registered Nurses throughout CARE’s programs.


The Human Resources Manager is Rose Kane. Her responsibilities include recruiting qualified staff, maintaining compliances with all human resource rules and regulations, credentialing and re-credentialing activities, and maintenance of job performance reviews.


The Quality Assurance Manager is Donna Tompkins, who is responsible for all Quality Assurance, Continuous Quality Improvement, and CARF accreditation activities.


The Controller is Stephanie Agnew-Miller. Ms. Agnew-Miller oversees CARE’s billing and accounting procedures and staff, and insures that CARE is compliant with all applicable accounting and billing rules and regulations.



Program Directors


State Wide CBCM Case Management and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation is under the direction of Eren Kamiyama, LMFT, CSAC.  Ms. Kamiyama began working for CARE in 2007 as a mental health worker in adult services for the ACT Team.  She became team leader for case management services and then became Oahu's Qualified Mental Health Professional.  Ms Kamiyama is now the Program Director for Adult Case Management and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation.


Statewide Crisis Services is under the direction on Sherrie Yamagishi, LMFT, QMHP and is also serving as the East Hawaii CBCM / CCS QMHP.  Ms. Yamagishi has been employed by CARE Hawaii Inc. since 2012 and began as the Hawaii Island Crisis Services QMHP and became the Statewide Crisis Services Director in 2015.


Adult Residential Services and Nursing Services are under the direction of Ms. Louisa Butler, BSN, R.N. Ms. Butler began working for CARE in 2004 and brings over 25 years of experience in nursing management.


 Addictions Services is under the direction of Analu Cuban, B.A., CSAC. Mr. Cuban began working for CARE when CARE began in 1999. He developed programs for adolescents, and then became manager of CARE’s Integrated Case Management Program for individuals with Addictions. In 2011 he became director of CARE’s Addictions services.



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